About Us


ALMAS is Hyderabad,India based Silver Luxury Boutique that offers products beautifully carved out of Silver and Semi Precious Stones. In its endeavor to offer premium quality Silver jewels and products, ALMAS strives to stage outstanding quality of silver pieces equipped with alluring designs. It focuses on providing an array of silver and semi precious stone products to all those people who seek an excellent value in them. The magnificent silver pieces are spread across a wide range of categories such as Jewelry, Accessories, Décor Items, Idols, Artifacts, Gift Items, etc. You name it and ALMAS has the excellent quality of Silver products that cater to all your needs. Passion for creating something better every time has been an integral driving factor for ALMAS. Also, at ALMAS, remaining true to oneself is a big part of the sustained eminence. At ALMAS, one is sure to love browsing across the splendid items enveloped with terrific designs.



ALMAS offers detailed designed products that personify the heritage of India along with an elegant twist.Apart from paying attention to details, we endeavor to embrace it, thus offering the customer a masterpiece. The unique pieces are crafted with precision and meticulous attention is paid to every minute detail.ALMAS is the finest reflection of India's detailed Silver jewels and workmanship. With impressive detailing, it is an epitome of ancient aesthetic.The focus has always been intact on purity, quality, artistry and beauty.


The beautiful designs on the Silver range by ALMAS are a result of creative skills of a designer, in-depth knowledge of Silver and the precision of highly skilled artisans. Extreme care is devoted to the design stage of each and every Silver piece that is produced. The product range is appealing and an archetype of amazing artistry.It also offers customize solution so that it could precisely cater to all the needs of its customers.

Delighting the Customers is a Commandment

Serving customers just for business is not something ALMAS looks forward to. Delighting the customers with the pleasure of its premium quality offering is no less than a commandment for it. Along with bestowing customized silver jewel and silverwares to its customers, ALMAS serves them with: • Best Quality and Purity of Silver and Semi Precious Stones • Handcrafted Silver Luxury Range such as Exquisite Jewels, Accessories, décor items, religious silver offerings, etc. .